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Sep 22, 2022

Just about everyone has a question, or ten, that comes up while planning for retirement. Should I delay Social Security? Am I saving enough? The list goes on.

We want you to go into retirement with peace of mind, so we are answering more of your questions today. These questions are ones we have gotten frequently, so listen up, because we just might share an answer you have been looking for.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Danny: I am going to work one more year and then I’m going to find part-time work for four more years to supplement my retirement income. Would it be better to work full-time for two more years and then retire? (2:28)
  • Catherine: Should I use a program that will help me pay off my mortgage faster by splitting it into biweekly payments? (6:40)
  • It’s a good time to be a little more defensive with your finances in today’s world. (9:43)
  • Bill: Someone said I should save 15% of our income for retirement, but we are only saving 10%. Are we in trouble? (11:47)

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