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Nov 14, 2020

“Am I ready to retire?”

If it’s not the most common question asked during retirement planning, then it’s definitely near the top. Everyone wants to what kind of shape they’re in financially and if they are in a position to transition to that next chapter.

Everyone’s answer is going to be different and it depends on a variety of factors, but there are some questions you can ask yourself to get a better sense of where you stand. That’s what we’ll do on this episode of My Smart Retirement. Join us as we lay out five questions and tell you why each is so important when it comes to your retirement.

We’re covering spending, assets, budgeting, investing, and income planning. These are all key pieces of a comprehensive plan and it’s why this is good starting point. If you don’t do as well on this quiz as you hoped, we’re here to help you build a plan that will give you the confidence you need to retire. Connect with us and set up a time to meet and we’ll run through all of these areas and more.

Speaking of investing, you probably saw how the market reacted to positive vaccine news this week. We all welcome the progress towards getting the pandemic under control and investors showed that. Sean and Nancy will lead off this show with their reaction to what we saw from Wall Street this week and what it could mean for value stocks and interest rates.

It’s going to be a busy show but hopefully you’ll get a lot of valuable information along the way.

Use the timestamps below to hear a specific segment.

1:03 - Vaccine announcement was big news for the market

2:03 - What does this mean for interest rates?

3:10 - The DOW was up as well

3:57 - ‘Dumpster Diving’ in the market

6:29 - Are you prepared for retirement? First, do you know how much you have? 

8:53 - Do you know how much you spend?

11:59 - Do you know how much risk you have? 

13:58 - Do you know what you’re paying in fees?

15:21 - Do you know what your retirement income streams will look like? 

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