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Nov 7, 2015

Congress has been busy, while in the news, with the budget, but behind closed doors-Amendments to the budget that affect your retirement planning.
Last December is was turning the pension protection laws upside down.
Then, Friday, Oct 30th, Halloween weekend, it was stopping social security filing choices-for all but a few. This has now changed the landscape of retirement planning. How it will affect you?
Well, It all depends when is your birthday? When will you be 66? Are you born in 1954 or later?
If you aren’t sure exactly sure how these new rules are impacting your retirement plan, then Call Fleming Financial Services, at 480-632-8770 that's 480-632-8770 Certified Financial Planner Nancy Fleming and her team will help you develop a plan to create a secure retirement for you. Otherwise, you might be in for a big surprise.
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