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Oct 28, 2021

A rose by another name is just as sweet... You've probably heard this saying or a variation of it before. The names we assign things can make our perception of them different, we hold different values towards them. On today's show, we will be discussing the importance of names and values, inflation, and how we can rebrand our retirement plans.

Inflation is everywhere in the news these days. The S&P is continuing to hit all-time highs. The cost of living continues to rise. Our perception of these things is often influenced by what we hear from others but they have real impacts on our retirement plans. We keep hearing that this round of inflation is "transitory" but that isn't really true. There has been a 34% increase in money pumped into the economy over the last 18 months.

What about inflation rates? It's hard to know when the Federal Reserve will raise them. It may be in July of next year or they may wait until after the midterm elections. Whenever they decide to raise them it's likely to only be a quarter of a percent.

So, what are names? What values do we hold in them? We think of rising gas prices when we think of inflation. One example of name importance is the ValuJet crash. In 1996 their jet sadly crashed in the everglades with 110 passengers on board. Afterward, the company had a hard time selling tickets. They combined and rebranded their company with AirTran. After the rebranding they became a successful airline, eventually selling to Southwest.

We see this in today's world as well. Did you know Google's real name is Alphabet? Or that Facebook is planning to change its name? These are examples of the power of names. So, when we think of our retirement plan it may be best to rebrand our approach. Instead of setting a budget let's create a spending plan. Rethinking parts of your plan can give you a fresh vision and help your plan grow.


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1:01- Halloween Story

2:16 – Last quarter of the year

3:27 – S&P all-time high and inflation

5:42 – Increased money supply

8:00 – Inflation rates

10:00 – If you can dream it

15:54 – Names and rebranding


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