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Oct 7, 2021

We talk a lot about preparing for retirement. But what about those of us that don't want to retire, at least not yet? Today, we are going to discuss why people wait to retire and what impacts their decision.

Some people really love their careers and they've worked hard to get to their current positions. But do you have a plan if things were to change? Could you retire quickly if you needed to? Companies, health, and circumstances can all change. We want to make sure if things do shift, you have a contingency plan.

The fear of boredom, once we retire, is something many of us go through. What will we do with all that free time? Instead of working full time for the foreseeable future think about transitioning to shorter hours. Look into part-time work as a way to spend a few hours a week being social and making some extra cash. You'll want to assess your quality of life at your current job and see if it can be any better.

Are you scared you don't have enough money to retire? A lot of us have an idea of how much money we need to retire, a magic number. Many of us are scared we will never get there and will continue to work to reach that goal. However, you need to re-evaluate your plan and see what your money can do for you.

How can you utilize what you currently have to retire sooner? Once people meet with an advisor and get a good retirement plan assessment, they are often surprised to be in a better position than they thought. We don't want you to continue working simply out of worry.

Listen to the full episode for more details or skip around to certain topics. 

0:34 – The people not ready to retire

3:26 – When things change

5:40 – I will be bored if I retire

9:30 – I don’t have enough money

11:51 – Not confident in your plan?


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