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May 13, 2021

Have you ever stopped and taken the time to think about what you want life to look like after your career is over? Many of us get too busy with life to think that far ahead and truly envision what we want tour futures to look like, but it’s an important thing to do.

The reason this came up now is because we saw a recent survey that asked people how they’d describe retirement. They surveyed multiple age groups and genders and the results were really interesting. The tone seemed to change throughout the different stages of life and work and women seemed to have a much more emotional attachment to retirement.

What we’ve seen from people that work with Fleming Financial is that those first few years of retirement are always fun. There’s a new zest for life as you have the opportunity to utilize time in ways you’ve always wanted. People seem to have extra pep in their step as they plan for that extra time, and that’s what gets us excited as well.

But what’s ultimately important is that you have a good grasp on what you want from retirement. Sure, that can always change, but this preference and perspective is what helps us build a comprehensive financial retirement plan for our clients. Once we know how you view retirement and what you expect that chapter of life to look like, then we can put a plan in place that works towards those goals.

And this is what Nancy will talk about on this episode of My Smart Retirement. Let’s look at what preferences and perspectives are common for people and how being honest with yourself is the best way to be successful financially.

We all tell ourselves lies about retirement, whether we truly believe them or not, that help us justify a lack of saving or investing. We’re going to run through the most common lies we hear and explain why they get people in trouble with retirement.

Check out the full episode or use the timestamps below to hear a specific segment.

0:39 – An interesting study on how we view retirement

2:21 – Words men and women used

3:25 – Words older people used

4:13 – What do our clients say about retirement?

6:40 – Preference and perspective

8:20 – I really can’t afford to put away for retirement right now.

10:23 – I’m counting on Social Security so I don’t need to save as much.

11:28 – I deserve to have fun with my money today.

14:19 – I have a big inheritance coming my way so I don’t need to save.

16:35 – Get my kids through college and then I’ll worry about retirement.

17:47 – I’ll start saving when the market improves.

19:57 – I plan to keep working during retirement.