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Mar 25, 2021

Where should you invest your money? That’s question is usually near the top of any person’s list when they sit down with an advisor.


The answer, as you might imagine, isn’t straight-forward. At least it shouldn’t be if you’re building a plan that’s tailored to your retirement goals. Every investment vehicle can serve multiple different objectives, and it’s our goal as planners to make sure the investment and the objective line up.


On this episode of My Smart Retirement, we’ll talk about why this can be difficult for many to do on their own. When you think about all of the information that’s available and the avalanche of opinions we hear everyday, it’s easy to see how many get distracted with what’s most important.


As we go through the show, we’ll try to help you understand what approach you should take to investing. One of the first things to realize is that where your are in life has a significant impact on where you need to invest. Different ages bring different goals and philosophies. Three basic things to consider are when you want to retire, how much do you want to live on, and what are you trying to accomplish. Those things are always going to dictate how and where you’re want to invest.


The other goal is to make sure your informed with everything that’s out there. We can’t cover that in one podcast, but we can point out some of the reasons why investments have different goals and why a solid financial plan can put you in things that fit multiple objectives.  getting that from an unbiased advisor will give you the best results.


Your best bet for finding that information is going to be from an unbiased source so make sure you work with the right people to build your financial plan.


Check out the full episode or use the timestamps below to hear a specific segment.


0:30 – Different investment goals   

2:29 – Social persuasion

4:19 – Client story

6:12 – Optimism on the future

8:47 – New ideas aren’t necessarily better

11:19 – Pension buyouts

14:18 – Get an unbiased opinion


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