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Feb 25, 2021

Do you avoid money, or do you worship it? The way you approach finances and retirement can be telling.

Money avoidance

If you prefer to avoid money conversations, decisions or planning, it’s best to recognize that you feel that way and try to work around it, through it or with it instead of trying to battle it.

The issues tend to reside in the back of our minds, and really, they’re not as spooky as they seem once we get to the place where we understand them.

We tend to have mistaken beliefs about money, and these beliefs can be a huge hindrance to correcting our negative habits and having more peace in this area.

Some big misconceptions are rich people are greedy, and people get rich by taking advantage of others. That is true in some cases, but not all, so you shouldn’t avoid money because you worry about those things.

Money worship

These are the kinds of people who hit the news, because of their money worship. We do find that money worship comes about because they give money more characteristics than it just being a tool in order to help us provide for ourselves.

“Often in money worship we’ll see people feel like money is power,” said Nancy. “Or, people equate money with happiness.”

Check out the full episode or use the timestamps below to hear a specific segment.

2:09 – Money avoidance

4:30 – Mistaken beliefs about money

6:01 – Good people shouldn’t care about money?

11:58 – Money worship

14:21 – Money buys freedom?

15:17 – Net worth and charity


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